How to install Smart IPTV Application?

Smart IPTV installation on a Smart TV?

Your television must be connected to the internet.

Go to the Smart Hub. For a Samsung TV, it is the multicolored button, otherwise the House button)
Then go to the app market. This is the place where you can download lots of apps for your tv.
You should find the Smart IPTV app in the most downloaded apps.
Click on Download
Wait a bit then click on Installation
You can finally click on Run

Activation of the SMART IPTV application?

The application is chargeable (around 5 or 6 €). You can test it for a week and then you will have to pay to use it. Here’s how to activate it.

When you start the SMART IPTV application, you should see a “MAC address” line, write down this address (or take a picture with your mobile)
Go to the site
Enter your MAC address (with the “:”)
Enter an email address
Choose the Paypal or CB payment method (the activation of the Smart IPTV application will be immediate)
Confirm the payment and that’s it.
The Smart IPTV application is linked to your television. If you change your TV, then you will have to repurchase the application.

Installation of an IPTV subscription on SMART IPTV?

You have an IPTV subscription to install on your new application. It’s pretty straightforward. here is how to put your IPTV subscription on your Smart TV:

You must have an m3u file or, more generally, an url address to an m3u playlist file of the type (http: // provideriptv / blabla = m3u? User = xxxx? Password = xxx ..)
Go to the site
Enter the MAC address of your TV (the one used to activate Smart IPTV)
Enter the address of your playslist in the URL box (or indicate your m3u file if you have a file)
Check the box “I am not a robot”
Click on Send
Restart your tv, everything should work